This is what we do best.

Room 402 is proud to offer services that reflect our deep expertise and a unique perspective on classroom practice. We're based in Los Angeles, but travel widely to collaborate with schools of all kinds. Room 402 specializes in launching school- or district-wide creative projects; designing award-winning, innovative curriculum; and producing day-long professional development experiences that are ridiculously fun.


Unprofessional Development

Our fee for a one-day workshop begins at $1000.

Unprofessional development

Sometimes teachers need a creative reboot, or a single day that's just dedicated to personal growth so that they're ready to tackle the classroom again. We believe in professional development that values teachers as creative humans, and we design experiences to match: fashion shows, printmaking, speed dating and more. Professional development with Room 402 is ridiculously fun.


Big Projects

Our fee for a long-term project begins at $5000.

big projects

Room 402 collaborates with school leaders and district administrators who have a vision for jump-starting a culture of joy and inquiry in their classrooms, and are looking for a partner to help make it happen.  We work with faculty and students to organize large community events (like a civic design challenge) that elevate learning beyond the classroom.


Creative Curriculum

Our fee is $100/hour.

Creative Curriculum

We develop unique curriculum in collaboration with teachers who have a lot of autonomy in their classrooms. Our approach is grounded in big problems, civic engagement and academic inquiry. Room 402's curriculum is perfect for teachers who are deeply curious, allergic to boring lessons, and up for an intellectual challenge.