Creative Curriculum

We work with teachers of all grade levels and academic disciplines.

Room 402 helps teachers develop unique curriculum individually or in small teams.

Our support is customized to every teacher's unique needs. We have the flexibility to provide just an hour or two of guidance, or to prepare a fully developed unit plan with instructional materials. Curriculum development is available via virtual coaching or on-site consultation. Our fee is $100 per hour.

Case Studies


The Sixteen Project

The Sixteen Project is a high school anthropology class that investigates the coming-of-age experience in New York City and around the world. Students collect artifacts, video footage and writing that capture the story of how 16 is lived, and they engage in ethnographic research to document a youth subculture in film.


Global Feminism

What does it mean to be a feminist today? How should American feminists situate themselves in the global conversation about women's lives? In this 8-week unit about Global Feminism, students are challenged to confront these questions through readings, digital media and discussions, and to help others consider these issues in class and in public.



#Disastercamp asks participants to design creative solutions for disaster response. Inspired by the 2011 Imagine Cup Emergency Response and Crowd Sourcing challenge, this course investigates the extent to which natural disasters are ever “natural” and looks to design and technology as a means for creative problem solving.

Room 402's curriculum is grounded in contemporary questions, civic engagement and academic inquiry.

Contemporary questions

We invite teachers to ask "What's worth knowing today?" at the very beginning of the curriculum design process. Room 402 believes that powerful learning experiences are driven by contemporary questions that are compelling to young people.

Civic Engagement

Our curriculum lives in real life, not just inside a classroom. We believe students of all ages can – and must – do authentic work for community benefit. We design ethical projects that solve problems, spark protest, entertain, and more.

Academic inquiry

Contemporary problems demand rigorous inquiry. Room 402 leverages the habits of mind of scientists, writers, historians, engineers and artists to design age-appropriate learning experiences grounded in all academic disciplines.