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we jump-start creative teaching through joyful Professional development

We believe teachers thrive when PD is ridiculously fun.

Our day-long workshops begin with hands-on activities – like screen printing, improv games, or a music video – to spark creative collaboration. We follow that up with exercises that translate this mindset into daily teaching practice. Our popular project-planning game, Dinner Party, is designed to help educators invent creative projects that bring joy and energy to their classrooms.

Room 402's workshops are a strong match for a faculty that needs a creative jump start, a new challenge, or a fresh perspective. Sound familiar? Tell us your story.


Dinner party!

A mini-golf course about human rights? A memorial for extinct species?

Dinner Party is a card game for K-12 teachers who want to invent creative projects that bring joy and energy to their classrooms.

Players match compelling topics with powerful projects to generate dozens of contemporary combinations.

The 54 topic cards are grounded in academic disciplines ranging from physics to gender studies, and can be made accessible to students of all ages. The topics are connected to contemporary problems and big questions about how we live today.

The 54 project cards are tactics for changing the world. Writers, artists, scientists, activists and others use these objects and experiences to make an impact beyond the classroom.


Teachers will generate dozens of new ideas after only a few minutes of playing, but the opportunities for ongoing engagement are endless. Perfect for Monday afternoon PD or Sunday evening lesson planning marathons, Dinner Party sparks unexpected conversations about what’s worth knowing – and what we ask our students to do with that knowledge.

our library!

take a peek at some of our favorite titles

We've built a deep collection of books, films, games, posters and maps that span fields ranging from game design and comics to cartography and cooking. The Room 402 library reflects our approach to teaching: non-disciplinary, hands-on and intellectual – but not too serious.


About room 402

We lead powerful learning experiences that help teachers amplify joy, creativity and civic engagement in their classrooms. We aren't bound to a particular academic discipline or grade level. Our approach is based on a conviction that professional development should feel like a cooking class or a camping trip: In the real world, learning is organic and autonomous.



Christina Jenkins, founder

Christina is an educator and designer who who taught for nearly 10 years in New York City public schools. The original Room 402 was her home at the NYC iSchool, where she developed more than a dozen unique classes ranging from cartography to global feminism.


Jana Schmieding, Partner

Jana has worked as a special educator and instructional coach for 13 years in New York and Los Angeles. She is also a highly experienced performer, improviser, writer and podcaster and truly enjoys collaborating with other adults in the creative arts.

I really enjoyed your ideas, thoughts, and activities. It has been a long time since I walked out of PD so excited about possibilities!
— Aubrey, Chicago

We'd love to know what brought you here.

We're based in Los Angeles, but we travel widely to bring our workshops to schools everywhere. If you are a school leader who wants to use Dinner Party with your faculty, we can send you a complimentary copy. Get in touch!

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