Unprofessional Development

We lead non-traditional professional development for teachers that ignites their curiosity and creativity.


A typical day-long workshop involves two hands-on activities and a reflection exercise that connects this creative work back to classroom practice. Popular activities include screen printing custom t-shirts, block printing classroom posters, and producing a Project Runway-inspired fashion show. Teachers will leave the workshop with new design skills they can practice both in and beyond the classroom. Our fee for a one-day workshop begins at $1000.

Professional development with Room 402 is joyful, experiential, and unforgettable.


a non-disciplinary approach

Room 402 produces learning experiences that aren't bound to a particular academic discipline or grade level. Our approach is based on a conviction that professional development should feel like a cooking class, a camping trip, or an afternoon in a well-curated museum: In the real world, learning experiences are organic and autonomous. We travel with a vast library of books and other surprises to supplement our customized program and spark inspiration throughout the day.


field trips

Learning doesn't begin or end in the classroom, and professional development shouldn't either. Room 402 can work with you to develop a creative, off-campus learning experience for your faculty. Whether it's learning how to row together as a way of practicing teamwork or visiting a community bio lab to learn about citizen science, we can coordinate local field trips that have a lasting impact on both professional morale and pedagogy. 

"Unprofessional Development" was first launched as a program of Project H Design, a Berkeley-based non-profit dedicated to designing and building architecture with young people. Learn more about Project H at