The Project Planning Cards

The Project Planning Cards are a box of 108 compelling topics and project ideas that can be mixed and matched in thousands of combinations.

The most popular way to play is an "Apples to Apples" variant: After selecting one topic as a group, each player proposes a different project idea to match. (We've included some "rules" of our own inside the box.)

The topics span all disciplines and age levels: They include "Cancer," "Martin and Malcolm," and "Frauds and Forgeries." They aren't traditional areas of inquiry – you won't find photosynthesis here – but they are all contemporary, grounded in an academic discipline, and deeply engaging. Many are inspired by the University of Chicago's course catalog.

The project ideas are derived from the real work that adults do. You'll find cards like "Music Video," "Clothing Line," and "Cookbook."

Teachers will generate dozens of new ideas after only a few minutes of playing, but the opportunities for ongoing engagement are endless. The cards are perfect for Monday afternoon PD or Sunday lesson planning marathons. Their colors are designed to correspond with the neon index cards available at office supply stores, which makes it easy to write your own cards and add them to the deck.